Lots of our school policies are available for you to view online. If there’s a specific policy that you want to read but can’t find below, please contact the school office where we will be glad to help.

Filename Size Date
Leave in Term Time Absence Policy.pdf 915.8KB 26/10/2022
Managing Drug Related Incident Policy.pdf 189.5KB 26/10/2022
Mental Health and Well-Being.pdf 281.4KB 26/10/2022
Mobile Phone Policy.pdf 221.4KB 26/10/2022
Parent Code of Conduct.pdf 79.4KB 26/10/2022
Positive Behaviour Policy 2022-23.pdf 779.4KB 26/10/2022
Pupil Remote Learning Policy.pdf 163.3KB 26/10/2022
School Dog Policy.pdf 255.9KB 26/10/2022
Uniform Policy.pdf 187.8KB 26/10/2022
Accessibility Policy 2021-2024.pdf 176.3KB 26/10/2022
Anti-bullying policy.pdf 311.7KB 26/10/2022
Behaviour Leafleat for Parents and Children.pdf 333.0KB 26/10/2022
Child-on-child abuse policy.pdf 764.7KB 26/10/2022
Curriculum Policy.pdf 216.5KB 26/10/2022
Equality Policy.pdf 313.6KB 26/10/2022
Home School Agreement.pdf 62.0KB 26/10/2022
ICT and internet acceptable use policy.pdf 308.4KB 26/10/2022
Intimate Care Policy.pdf 169.2KB 26/10/2022
Admissions Policy SSPP - AY2021 2022.pdf 167.8KB 17/11/2022
Admissions Policy SSPP - AY2023 2024.pdf (1) 168.5KB 17/11/2022
Positive Handling Policy.pdf 200.4KB 01/02/2023
Safer Recruitment policy .pdf 257.8KB 01/02/2023
Online Safety Policy .pdf 298.9KB 12/02/2023
Admissions Policy SSPP - AY2024 2025.pdf 167.7KB 08/03/2023
SSPP Privacy Notice.pdf 154.7KB 15/05/2023
Whistleblowing procedure.pdf 270.9KB 30/08/2023
Data Protection Policy.pdf 316.9KB 30/08/2023
Our Blessed Saints SEND policy.pdf 649.3KB 15/09/2023
SEND Information Report - SSPP.pdf 1.1MB 15/09/2023
Attendance Policy.pdf 268.6KB 20/12/2023
Procedure for Managing Low Level concerns and allegations... 512KB 20/12/2023
RSE Policy.pdf 409.0KB 20/12/2023
Children in Care Policy.pdf 352.2KB 20/12/2023
School Information Sharing Policy.pdf 313.3KB 20/12/2023
Supporting children with medical conditions policy.pdf 587.3KB 20/12/2023
Charges and Remission Policy.pdf 148.8KB 20/12/2023
EYFS policy.pdf 209.3KB 20/12/2023
School Complaints Procedure Policy.pdf 322.5KB 25/01/2024
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy 2023-24.pdf 742.9KB 25/01/2024
CES OBS Governors Code of Conduct - AY 2023-24.pdf 332.3KB 19/02/2024
Admissions Policy SSPP-AY 2025-26.pdf 174.4KB 25/02/2024