Behaviour and Rewards

At SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School, we are very proud of the excellent behaviour our pupils show both in school and when the children visit other public sites in the local community or further afield.

House Points

Our school council consulted on House Points at the start of 2022, they made key decisions about the names of the houses and what house points were awarded for.  They decided that the names of the houses would be based on precious ores or stones which match the colours we originally had for our houses: ruby (red), gold (yellow), sapphire (blue) and emerald (green).

The children also agreed that house points will be given for showing the Golden Rules (in yellow on image) or Gospel Values (in different colours at the bottom of the image).  House points can be earnt in wrap around clubs, playtimes and in class for these showing characteristics (Gospel Values).

Class rewards

Each class may also have its own reward system for in class learning behaviour and excellent work.  We encourage the use of dojos, but welcome any reward system that the children in the class respond and design themselves.

Good Mentions Assembly

Each week we also have our Good Mentions Assembly where we celebrate two children from each class who have shown outstanding work, behaviour, kindness, perseverance, progress or any other quality teachers want to recognise.  As part of this assembly, we also have certificates for Breakfast Club, School Walking Bus and Afterschool Club. 

Certificates given during Good Mentions Assembly are taken home by the children so that they can share with family members their successes.  Certificates are also displayed centrally in the school hall weekly and on our Sway which is sent out weekly as part of the newsletter and on shared on Facebook too.

Headteacher Award

If children have done something exceptional any member of staff can nominate them for a special Headteacher Award which is presented during assembly.